Discover the new way to create routes

Get routes on mobile or the web

Huli is all about making the route discovery experience as simple as possible, so we've got apps that work across different devices.

Our mobile and web apps share all the same route planning features, so creating routes can be easily done between writing emails or riding dusty trails!

Huli's automatic route creator

Riding new routes is cool, but planning new routes takes time. That's time not spent out on your bike!

Huli automatically creates routes that are personalised for you in seconds, anywhere.

No more joining up the dots, much more time doing what you love.

It's all in the details

At Huli, we understand that knowing what's coming is important. Be it cycle paths, on or off-road, big climbs or seeing a birds eye satellite view of that river crossing - we've got you covered.

Our map layers, route line colouring and elevation profiles let you see as much, or as little detail as you want!


Got a GARMIN? Great! Sync your Huli and Garmin and every route you save will magically appear in GARMIN connect, saving you time and making life easy.

If you have a different device that we don't yet support, drop us a message with the details and we’ll get to work creating the same, seamless integration.

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