White Labelling

Are you looking for a way to improve your user experience? Do you want to help your organisation become more sustainable?

Take a look at our white label options below and schedule a demo with our team to show how simple and easy it is to take your business to the next level.

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White Label

What you can do with the Huli Tourism White Label package.

Increase Tourism

Make every corner of your destination a hotspot for outdoor tourism.

Huli creates great activity routes anywhere. This saves you time and money curating routes and allows you to expose every last inch of your destination as a hotspot for outdoor adventure.

Simple Integration

We take care of everything technical. Huli can be on your website ready to serve users in a few hours.


Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. With Huli, you can promote active tourism with ease throughout your destination


Promote your tourism attractions with ease as part of the white label product. Use our own database or let us connect to yours to make it completely personalised

Great Experience

Huli is fun and interactive, encouraging users to spend more time exploring and planning their next trip to your destination.

Actionable Insights

We capture and anonymise all route searches and provide actionable insights through your own dashboard. This allows you to understand the areas your users want to visit and what they want to do.

White Label

What you can do with the Huli Corporate White Label package.

Easy Implementation

You can have your own white label version of Huli on your website with no technical effort.

Improve Sustainability

Let your employees make active travel easy. Huli automatically creates the safest and best commuting experience for your staff. We’ll even make sure they can navigate

Improve Staff Wellbeing

Activity is great for physical and mental wellbeing. Huli make creating great activities fun and simple for your staff, and keeps them engaged automatically created new routes

Track Sustainability

All staff rides are logged, anonymised and curated into actionable insights through a real-time interactive dashboard.

Use it to promote active initiatives amongst your staff, or to measure and reduce your carbon footprint.