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Building the Best Cycle Route Planner Available

Meet the driving forces behind Huli

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Steve and Chris, Huli’s founders, eat, sleep and breathe getting out on the open road on two wheels. They’re both Cycling enthusiasts who love a challenge and an adventure. It is their hunger for exploring that started them on their journey to create the revolutionary cycle route planner that is Huli.

Huli is a route planner with a difference, and together we can make it the best cycle route planner ever. If, like Steve and Chris, you’re at your happiest when on your bike and away from it all, you’re going to love Huli.

Meet the driving forces behind Huli

Chris Lowe

Chris has always had a passion for route planning, from laying out OS maps on his living room floor as a child to creating long haul bike packing trips that left straight from the office on a Friday afternoon. For Chris, his passion has always been about creating an amazing journey, and that’s where Huli comes in. Huli lets more people explore the places that lie around corners never before turned.

Steve Owens

Steve is commonly found zipping around on two wheels. He has a passion for keeping fit, exploring new areas and trying to bring adventure into every day. He loves the positive impact digital technology can have on our lives and is excited to unleash Huli to the world.

The Huli backstory

Huli was born when Chris, Steve and another mate of theirs were looking for an epic mountain bike route through the Alps. The region was new to them, so had no idea where to look for the best routes. That said, they had a clear idea of the type of trip they wanted - beautiful uphill; flowing, technical downhill and minimal road sections, cycling ~100km a day. They needed accommodation, food stops and scenery and wanted to find isolation. They settled on looking for a bike-friendly version of The Haute route, which would take them from Chamonix to Zermatt - a real adventure.

When they set about planning this route they quickly realised there were no tools on the market that could really do what they needed. What they really needed was something that could quickly generate several route options based on their trip preferences so they could identify the best one. As a result, the planning took almost as long as the trip itself, and while it was an awesome adventure, they thought that there must be a better way. This is when Huli was born, and that’s why they’re committed to making it the best cycle route planner ever.

You can join the Huli journey

We are looking for fellow explorers to help take Huli to the next level. As one of our ‘Trailblazers’, you’ll be helping to shape our future by telling us how Huli is for you; how we can make it better and where we should be going next. There will be perks sent your way as a thank you (including FREE premium membership for a year). All you need to do is use Huli as much as possible and provide all the feedback you can.

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