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Huli is a fantastic tool to create the best cycling routes in a new area. You can create a completely personalised route in seconds, no matter where you are.

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Steve Owens

I was recently staying in beautiful Aberdeenshire for a few weeks and of course had packed my bikes for the trip. I have a vague knowledge of the area as some of my family stay here and have visited previously, but it is nowhere near complete. The perfect opportunity to trust Huli to create something for me! The weather was glorious sunshine for the entire trip so I managed a fair few rides, doing a variety of on and off-road routes and used Huli for them all. Of course I am a little bias, but genuinely all routes were fantastic. On the road front I spent an unbelievable amount of time on quiet country lanes with stunning views. Off-road, I meandered along amazing trails and climbed some fantastic hills to be rewarded with vistas across the entirety of Aberdeenshire (see pic). Even though I have mucked in to build Huli, I am always surprised by the fantastic suggestions it throws my way,. It's also great to see our routes constantly improving due to all the hard work the Huli team have been putting in on our journey to create the best routing engine in the world.

So if you are heading to a new area and you have your bike in tow, why not check out Huli as the tool to create the best routes for you in seconds?

You can download our apps here: 

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In our most recent version of the app, we've also launched our first premium product - in-app navigation. So if you are looking for an app that delivers the full routing experience, why not sign up today and receive your first month on us!

Over and out,

Steve (CEO and Co-founder)

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