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Huli Cycle Route Planner - Fast, Flexible, Reliable

Why Huli will become your favourite cycling companion

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There are lots of great reasons why Huli will become your favourite cycling companion, but in today's post, we want to zoom in on the fact that it's FAST, FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE. Why these three points in particular? Because we know that they’re a priority for you and they’re a priority to us too.

Huli is Fast

When you use a cycle route planner, you don’t have time to lose. You want to be on the road or trail enjoying your adventure, not sitting indoors painstakingly plotting points on a map. We understand that. That’s why we’ve made sure that Huli is FAST to use. With some cycle route planners, you often feel as if you’re going round in circles before you get a route that pleases you. With Huli, you set the parameters for your cycle (location, distance, time, elevation...), and that’s it. Huli gives you options. That’s where the flexibility comes in.

It’s Flexible

Once you’ve set your preferences, Huli presents you with options for your trip and lets you choose. When you upload your chosen routes back to Huli it builds up an understanding of what you like and what you don’t. The more you use Huli, the more the routes presented tie in with your likes and avoid your dislikes. In the future, we’ll be integrating other features, including mountain bike grading, weather and points of interest into the planning process. What this means is that today, you have the FLEXIBILITY you want, need and might not be able to find elsewhere, and in the future you’ll get even more.

And Reliable

When you put your faith in a cycle route planner, you need to be confident that what you see is what you get. That’s why Huli is compatible with your GPS tracking app or device so you can plan and download route after route with Huli. Another feature of Huli that we know you’ll love is that once you’ve chosen your route and enjoyed it, you can load it back up and that way Huli can make even more intelligent choices for you in the future. This is what makes Huli so RELIABLE.

Join Huli and start exploring

Head over to the Route Planner and try out some new routes in your area, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our community. If you want to be more involved, we're looking for people to join out Trailblazer community, trial new features and help shape Huli. Sign up here and let’s get things moving.

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