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Introducing Huli goals

Huli Goals provides a new set of personalised routes, every week, that meet your distance targets

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Chris Lowe

In the book "Atomic Habits", James Clear talks about a study that found we're twice as likely to complete exercise if we write down the when and where of the activity in advance of doing it. To help out with this, we've introduced Huli Goals and take care of the "where".

Huli Goals

Huli Goals is a feature that connects your weekly riding plans with a set of bespoke, perfectly formed routes. The routes are refreshed every Monday, so you can spend more time riding your bike and even less time worrying about where to go.

How it works

We ask 4 simple questions: How far? How often? From where? and What style? This gives us the information we need to generate a set of routes that meet (at least) your weekly distance target, in your ideal number of rides, on suitable terrain. Behind the scenes, our routing engine works overtime to evaluate a load of route options that start & finish at your location, have a good amount of variability, and contain with a range of distances and difficulty. These routes take a little longer to generate than the ones in the normal Huli route planner, because we're putting more thought in to each and every one.

Where can I get it?

Huli Goals is available on our Android and iOS mobile apps, so head over to the Play Store or App Store and give it a try!

What's next?

We've got plans to improve Huli Goals by accounting for the Essentials and Exclusions stored in your profile, offering more options with the goal preferences (e.g. elevation and more activity choices) and returning more than one route for each "ride per week". Looking even further ahead, we'd love to enable the submission of weekly training plans, so that routes can be generated that match the demands of the training efforts. Let us know if this would be of interest.

As usual, we'd love to hear what you think of Huli Goals, so please drop us a message with your thoughts on what could make Huli Goals better

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