It needn't always be 'further, faster, longer'

When it comes to route planning, the experience matters too.

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Many people seem to thrive on competition, where nothing is more fulfilling than smashing a personal record around a regular route or cycling further than they ever have before. For them, it’s all about going further, faster, longer. But for others, it is the quality of the journey and the sights and experiences along the way that tick all the boxes.

When designing and developing the filters and preference tools that come with Huli Route Planner, we have been fully focused on providing something that works for everyone. We want you to be able to create and control your own 'flow factor' - quickly and easily.

Ongoing development

With Huli, you have the control and flexibility to plan routes that work for you - right at your fingertips. You can plan and tweak routes to be exactly how you like them. Control and flexibility are important features of Huli that we will always continue to expand and refine. For example, here are just some of the features that will be available to our community in future releases:

1. Time-based route planning (eg. you have 2 hours to spare, where can you go?). This will be personalised to your average speeds.
2. Surface type.
3. Route safety.
4. Difficulty rating.

…and much, much more.

As keen cyclists ourselves, we know that exercise time is vitally important, sacrosanct even! But, with busy schedules or family time also pulling at us, it can be hard to come by. So, when you do get time for a cycle you need to make it count. No matter what is important to you, be it distance, safety, quiet roads, good cafes etc. you can quickly find a route that suits with Huli.

Join Huli and start exploring

Head over to the Route Planner and try out some new routes in your area, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our community. If you want to be more involved, we're looking for people to join out Trailblazer community, trial new features and help shape Huli. Sign up here and let’s get things moving.

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