Making the most of a tight schedule

If you run a jam-packed schedule then use Huli to create a great cycling route in seconds so that you can spend more time riding your bike

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Steve Owens

As a husband and father of two working a full-time job, as well building a startup (yes Huli, I'm 👀 at you!), I can confirm that time is very precious. Nevertheless, I try to look after myself as best I can, which ultimately means spending some time on two wheels. I find the bike a great place to process my thoughts, work through issues and ultimately keep myself sane for the everyday madness that my schedule brings. It also keeps me fit, which is always a bonus! Of course I am bias, but one of the reasons I love Huli is the fact I can ask it to create a great route that lasts an hour to cover my lunch break, or for a quick spin after putting the kids to bed, and have it on my GARMIN within seconds so that I am ready to roll quickly. And since I can effectively class this as product testing, it feels like win-win.

So if, like me, you are short on time but want to make the most of your bike-time, then why not give Huli a whirl over here and see what it creates for you.

To close out this short post, here's a cheesy photo of me on the road bike in the sunshine doing some 'product testing' 😊

Steve (Huli CEO and Co-founder)

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