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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of Scottish Trailblazer cyclists who have helped us so far. Over the past two months you have been road testing the Huli Route Planner and we have been using your feedback to explore new features and prioritise what we need to do better. It has been a terrific journey so far, and we can’t wait to move things on to the next stage.

In this post, we thought we’d share some of the points that have helped us to set the direction that Huli is now taking. These are some of the key features we are working on right now that will be available to our community in the future.

Routing Algorithms

We have prioritised the further optimisation of the routing algorithms that are built into Huli. Your feedback has helped us identify how we can make these, not only better, but faster and much more robust.

More Sports

During the initial user testing stages we have been concentrating on Road Cycle Route Planning only. However, in the new year we are delighted to be opening up Huli to include mountain biking, running and hiking.

GARMIN Integration

This is now at late development stage and will be available very soon.

User Interface

With any software development project some elements of it are never really ‘finished’. We have been taking on board the feedback our Trailblazers have been providing on the Huli’s general user interactivity. This will see ongoing and incremental refinements as we look for better ways to do things, and as new features are added.

New Features

Some of the added extras that will make Huli even more valuable to our users, and that we are working on are live weather and air quality checks for your routes.

There are many, many more exciting things in the pipeline that our team are working away tirelessly on. At this stage, we can’t supply an accurate timescale for them but, for example, we are already making great strides in expanding Huli into a dedicated iOS and Android app. More on that in future updates.

In the meantime, we want to thank those who have come along with us on the journey so far. We need you, our Trailblazer community, to continue to help us identify what new features you want to see, report on bugs and just generally show us the route that Huli will take.

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