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Why Huli is a truly revolutionary route planner

Made for cyclists by cyclists

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How do you plan a bike ride? Are you a fan of online options or do you rely on paper maps or fellow cyclists to guide you? If you’re someone who is really seeking adventure, there’s no doubt that online route planners open up a whole host of opportunities. When you venture online to plan your route, you’re likely to discover options that you wouldn’t otherwise know existed. That’s what inspired us to build Huli.

The route planner made for cyclists by cyclists

Huli is a truly revolutionary route planner. It’s the brainchild of cycling fanatics, made for cycling fanatics and curious cyclists alike. We believe that route planning needs to be simplified and made better. That’s why we are redefining the way you find new cycle routes.

Discover new routes

When you choose Huli you specify your start and end point, which can be the same or different – it’s entirely up to you. Then you tell Huli how far you want to go, the elevation you’re after, or how much time you have available and let Huli show you some options. With Huli as your partner, even on familiar ground, you’ll discover routes you didn’t know existed.

Route planning made easy

Once Huli has shown you the options, simply make your choice and download the route to your preferred device. It couldn’t be simpler. But with Huli, the excitement doesn’t stop there. When you’ve completed your route, upload your ride data back into Huli and we’ll get to know what you like, what you don’t like and what you’re capable of. The more you upload, the more we get to know what floats your boat. Once we know that, we propose routes that you’re sure to love.

This is what we’re about, and we have an even bigger vision for the future.

Become a Huli Trailblazer

At Huli we’re excited about the future of cycle route planning. Wearable devices and reliance on tech will become even more prominent. We believe that a new route should be "the norm", rather than a rare treat. Huli makes that happen by providing reliable, high quality routes that deliver good experiences, every time.

If you're keen to be part of the route planning revolution and help Huli become something amazing, sign up as a Trailblazer and join us on our development journey. You'll have the opportunity to have your say on the future of your sport.

Find out more and sign up as a Huli Trailblazer here.

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