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We're not in the game of replacing people with computers. In fact, we hate the thought of that. Our vision for Huli is that it will never try to wrestle control from its users. Conversely, it will learn from our users and provide informed recommendations. Huli is changing the way that routes can be planned by making things quicker and simpler – whether planning a trip that is short, long, simple or complex.

There are already several bustling communities of enthusiastic explorers out there who come together to meticulously plan, build and perfect some incredible cycling routes. We’re thinking of routes provided by the likes of Bikepacking Scotland, The Racing Collective, Second City Divide and the Badger Divide. For these communities, it is as much about the process of planning, riding, adjusting and more planning; as it is about just going out and riding the routes. These are great examples of where traditional, manual route planning is the ideal solution.

Sometimes though, you just want something that’s quickly accessible and for which nothing has been pre-arranged. Sometimes that’s more adventurous. This is where Huli comes in. By quickly providing users with several route options, Huli handles much of the actual planning for you. Leaving you more time to get out there.

Within a few seconds of adding some simple preferences on what you want in terms of location, distance and climb, Huli automatically returns a list of suitable routes for you to consider. If you’re not completely happy with any of them, you can simply tweak your preferences and get even more suggestions until you find the route for you.

Whilst we appreciate and admire the time and skill that goes into curating a beautiful route manually, Huli is ready to help take some of the headache out of it.

Join Huli and start exploring

Head over to the Route Planner and try out some new routes in your area, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our community. If you want to be more involved, we're looking for people to join out Trailblazer community, trial new features and help shape Huli. Sign up here and let’s get things moving.

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